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You're elegible for the USDC payouts by holding our NFT or Token in your wallet. Get them here:

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What is a $RYUTSUKA Token?

Our $RYUTSUKA token is our own cryptocurrency that we currently use to fund our project and will have more use cases in the future. If you hold at least 5 million of our token (don't worry it's not that expensive), you're elegible for the USDC rewards upon participation in our on-demand wellness content. You can buy $RYUTSUKA with many available cryptocurrencies on a decentralized exchange like "Uniswap". To get your first ever cryptocurrency we recommend using one of the many centralized exchanges.


Our NFTs are a special form of token that are unique. As of now NFT holders also are elegible for the USDC rewards, but additionally give you access to premium content on our platform as well as a 10x multiplier of the rewards. There'll be more use cases for the NFTs in the future as well.