As a creator you should focus on your audience and your content, not fiddle with algorithms and thumbnails. Lots of talent is getting lost in the depths of the internet just because the algorithm doesn't deem it worthy.


Create sanctuary

Earning opportunities

When you create your own sanctuary on Medit8, you can offer free content, paid content, paid live streams as well as merchandise. This means you can earn with the following opportunities:

What does it cost?

Nothing! We don't ask for any subscription fees from our content creators, period. You take home 90% of your sales with 10% being used to pay our services and our (your) audience for their participation.

How do I start?

Upload your video, we'll approve it within 24h and create your sanctuary on Medit8. That simple.

Are my videos property of Medit8?

No. You'll have full control over your content (it belongs only to you).